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Bdsm 101

From the mind that brought you the memoirs Elf Girl and Live Nude Elf comes BDSM 101, a no-nonsense manual for those readers interested in learning...
ELSY7999 Bdsm 101 $20.00



Fifty Shades Of Kink, An Intro To Bdsm

50 Shades of Kink, An Introduction to BDSM. Tristan Taormino can tell you everything you want to know about the world of kink, and more! Operating on...
EL6852-21 Fifty Shades Of Kink, An Intro To Bdsm $20.00



Sexually Dominant Woman Book

For the woman who wants to take charge... And the man who wants her to! This is a friendly, supportive introduction to the world of female-dominant...
EL6505 Sexually Dominant Woman Book $20.00



The Human Pony Book

Giddyup! Pony play has never been hotter and today's kinksters have built an entire community around the beauty, power, and erotic appeal of ponyboys...
EL6453 The Human Pony Book $35.95



The Mistress Manual Book

This is a witty, responsible and highly readable introduction to the world of SM games. An essential purchase for any woman who wants to get the...
EL6492 The Mistress Manual Book $21.79



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Bdsm 101
Bdsm 101

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